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Marcin Wielewski
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Marcin Wielewski Psychedelic stonerpunk - I like that sort of music. Many good tracks of desert grooves with chords covered with sand. Still waiting to se them live! Favorite track: The Wolf.
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"Con" Great album. Reminds me alot of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, and Blues for the Red Sea sounds alot like Earthless. Stonerror is like a 90's Stoner Rock treasurechest finally opened to reveal some of the best stoner songs I heard to date. Favorite track: God's Guns.
Damon Morgan
Damon Morgan thumbnail
Damon Morgan Got drawn in by the album art and a random listen to "The Wolf". Love these guys. This ebb and flow of this gives it a feel similar to that of "Blue for the Red Sun" or "Universe" by Truckfighters. I hesitated before I wrote that because I don't want to give the impression that this is derivative in anyway. I love the cross-section of styles on those two releases and I can go back to them any time I can't decide what to listen to. I can add this to that category.

STONERROR is equal parts punk, psych, and desert rolled in a fuzzy blanket. Having trouble picking a favorite. Right now it would have to be "Sierra Morena".

This one will be in heavy rotation for a while. Favorite track: Sierra Morena.
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"Rattlesnake Moan" was an EP made by a band trying to find their feet in a scene populated by giants, "Stonerror" sees that band standing on those feet and now staring those giants square in the eye.

So, you call yourself a Stoner Rock fan, huh? Claim you have an unwaivering appreciation for the greats and know who each of them are by name? Yeah, I thought the same, too. You'd best make room for one more. Poland's Stonerror.

For fans of Kyuss, Dozer, Fu Manchu, Greenleaf... and damn, what a bitchin' bassline this record has. Not your usual stoner rock fare. Stonerror have definitely put a lot of thought and craftsmanship into this one. Give ear.

They bring plenty of energy to bear in the songs, jamming in wild rock break-downs and tangled psych bridges, playing with tempos and time signatures, and generally having what sounds like a great time creating their music.

Stonerror's debut album is a superb album from start to finish. It's not hard to see why it's received its fair share of acclaim already within the Stoner Rock scene.

The album is overflowed with infectious melodies, amusing lyrics, and tons of energy. The mix on here is great, it's nice and heavy, crunchy, and just dirty enough to maintain its power without losing clarity.

They really know how to work on the development of a singular style, staying true to the precepts of the genre at the same time. Technically, they are simply marvelous (...) The instruments are splendidly well played, and the production values are above average.

What in the fuck is this? Finally a band doing desert rock for real. Grinding overdriven guitars and oily basslines rolling over the most hypnotic drums since the QOTSA debut album. No pointless jamming, and everything unnecessary stripped out.

Polonia tiene una banda de stoner desértico y ella es Stonerror, así que no se sorprendan que muy pronto su nombre comience a escucharse dentro de una de las mejores propuestas de este género en toda Europa.

Un’opera concepita per porsi su di un piano similare ai grandi del passato e ai portavoce del presente, per guardare al futuro con occhi curiosi e desiderosi di proporre il meglio di un sound che sta già segnando la carriera dei quattro ragazzi polacchi.

Je suis à peu près sur que je suis bien en train d'écouter un vrai disque de vrai stoner, pas de booze rock à la con, qui déverse son lot de sensualité reptilienne et son taux de satisfaction de 99% à peu près maintenu sur la grosse demi-heure du disque.

Γενικά, πρόκειται για έναν δίσκο που δεν μοιάζει με τους υπόλοιπους του είδους κι αυτό γιατί -είτε σε κερδίσει είτε όχι σαν ακροατή- υπάρχει μία εναλλαγή ύφους από κομμάτι σε κομμάτι, που τον καθιστά πολύ ενδιαφέρον.

„Stonerror” to urozmaicona wizytówka projektu, który zaczyna z wysokiego pułapu, a oddźwięk zza granicy każe brać pod uwagę również to, że i w świecie album będzie godnym reprezentantem polskiego stonera.

Na „Stonerror” znajdziecie sporo ładnych melodii (...) Nie ma niepotrzebnego grania klimatem, czy riff worship – na pierwszym planie są piosenki.

Pierwsze, co rzuca się w uszy (...) to brzmienie. Słychać, że zespół nie szczędził środków na osiągnięcie efektu, jakby płyta powstała w Sky Valley. To zasługa Macieja Cieślaka (Ścianka). Wszystko tu gra jak trzeba; jest piach w gitarze, jest pył na basie, jest pustynia w bębnach.

Album wprowadza w transową atmosferę, a główne skrzypce gra tutaj klimat (...) dostajemy nagranie, które porywa nas w oniryczny świat. Ważną składową tego świata są rytmy naśladujące muzykę plemienną.


released February 16, 2017

All music composed by Stonerror
(except "Misbegotten" by Stonerror and Maciej Cieślak)
All words written by Jacek Malczewski

Jarosław Daniel - guitar
Jacek Malczewski - bass, voice on "Misbegotten"
Łukasz Mazur - vocals
Maciej Ołownia - drums

Additional musicians:
Maciej Cieślak - guitars, keyboards, and percussion
Marcin Lisak - guitar on "Blues for the Red Sea"

Recorded in November 2016 at Studio im. Adama Mickiewicza Oddział w Warszawie
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Maciej Cieślak
Mastered by Bob Katz

Released via My Shit In Your Coffee (MSIYC 012)


all rights reserved



Stonerror Kraków, Poland

We riff & we groove. We call it psychedelic stonerpunk. Join the ride.

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Track Name: Red Tank
fields of marigold
sky so fair and blue
payback time creeps in
guess who’s after you

furious rain of steel
orchard’s torn apart
two-timed cupid puts
bullet in your heart

out of the way
here comes the tank
red tank

out of my way
here comes the tank
red tank

think you’re gonna hide?
don’t be such a fool
you’re not coming home
back to mom and school

out of the way
here comes the tank
red tank

out of my way
here comes the tank
red tank
Track Name: Misbegotten
well, something’s rotten
in the state of my mind
death slowly rock me asleep

love misbegotten
struck me deaf, mute and blind
a hollow corpse left to sweep

ha, you say the world’s mine oyster
hand me a sword to open
why not begin with my veins

clamour and fury
nonsense and shallow grave
life’s just an idiot’s tale

no judge or jury
no reward for the brave
no mercy and no bail

no mercy and no bail
no mercy and no bail
no mercy and no bail (bitch!)
no mercy and no bail
Track Name: The Wolf
lights out, entice
soft touch, sweet vice

lick deep inside
to heal and guide

lie down, give in
you’ll shed your skin

see the brightest of the stars
to lick off your bitter scars

let’s howl and breed
let’s prey and bleed

yeah, we’re hunting night and day
Great Spirit, guide our way!

let’s howl and breed
let’s prey and bleed
Track Name: Los Hermanos
are you flesh or are you ghost
drinking love from human skull
shut your eyes and raise a toast
gently let your senses dull

wake up where the bodies hang
on a pillow made of skulls
cuddled by the scorching sun
fondly hugging rotten hulls

oh, what a revolting show
corpses swinging in the air
ghastly vultures rip the flesh
burial rites without a prayer

creeping madness takes its toll
bird claws sink into my head
vipers lurking to lash out
from the eyeholes of the dead
Track Name: God's Guns
it’s Monday: let the games begin
should take no more than a week
to weld some rickety junk
pretend it’s good and unique

step two: now you unmask the hoax
follow the snake to the tree
the bitch is part of the plan
please take a bite and you’ll see

I am the almighty shepherd!
ha, surprise! I’m gonna hunt you down!

don’t overthink, you better run
kiss cherub’s fat ass goodbye
get on the highway to hell
today’s a good day to die

blade, hunger, plague, and hounds of hell
oh, did I mention the flood?
I’ll grind your bones into dust
bathe you in fire and blood

ha, meet me on Armageddon!
ha, surprise! I’m gonna hunt you down!

time is my name
butcher of worlds
none will be spared

a saviour gone wild
on a pale horse I ride
through the valley of dark
shooting God’s deadly guns
Track Name: The Ride
a jack of all trades
she mastered a few
she wanted to fix up the world

worn out king of spades
came out of the blue
her galaxy stopped and then whirled

a massive big bang
two comets collide
the yin meets her yang
let’s go for a ride

a dragon tattoo
set fire and play
an odd rendezvous
and sweet getaway

old Bill and the Bride
so twisted and scarred
tough lesson in staying alive

they bled and they cried
old habits die hard
just grab the horizon

a life on the run
yet on the right track
ride into the sun
and never look back

five finger death touch
magnificent two
one heavenly clutch
and nothing to rue
Track Name: Sierra Morena
spur the horse, let’s take a ride
will-o’-wisps shall be your guide
venture into mountains wild
‘cross the vales where bones are piled

mount the distant heights in vain
drift astray in desert plain
silence broken with your cry
dreadful echoes will reply

pixies wailing in the storm
countless terrors vex your soul
there’s no shelter safe and warm
no discharge from Satan’s scroll

evil hands unseen propel
on this woeful road to hell
to the void where demons hide
time to cross the great divide
Track Name: Blues for the Red Sea
rise from your knees
stretch out your hand
divide the seas
walk on dry land

for I’m thy Lord
I’ll set you free
I’ll grab your foes
and cast them into the sea

stretch out your hand
sow fear and dread
the waters fall
and bury the dead

I’m force and might
son, fear no more
just watch’em die
upon the shore

son, stand firm
don’t be afraid
for you shall be saved

I’ll watch over you
through fire and cloud

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